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This is an excellent resource site for information about online learning.

MOOC s Forum

MOOCs Forum is the only international publication dedicated exclusively to shaping the future development, design, and deployment of massive, open, online courses (MOOCs). Multidisciplinary in scope, this authoritative Forum evaluates the components and modules that are critical in creating a global education system and sustainable revenue models for MOOCs, as well as enforcing the integrity behind the creation and use of these systems.

Affordable Schools Online

Affordable Schools Logo

Affordable Schools Online provides extensive information on planning and saving for college as well as a listing of the colleges with the lowest costs.

Flipped Learning Network, Link.

Launched spring of 2012, the mission of the Flipped Learning Network is to provide educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully implement Flipped Learning. The vision is preparing educators to adopt the Flipped Learning Ideology.

Open Educational Quality Initiative, OPAL, Link.

OPAL Vision: By 1012, the OPAL initiative will have established the foundations for the emerging concept of Open Education Practices. It will have built an easy-to-use, dynamic and viable quality framework of OEP with will be validated by a self sustaining, self-organized community…The OPAL initiative will serve as a community hub to provide methodologies to turn guidance for good practice and case studies for open educational practices into key messages and continuously improved recommendations.

The Center for College Affordability & Productivity Link

CCAP is dedicated to researching the rising costs and stagnant efficiency in higher education, with special emphasis on the United States. CCAP seeks to facilitate a broader dialogue on the issues and problems facing the institutions of higher education with the public, policy makers, and the higher education community.

The Future of Education by Knowledge Works, Link

The Future of Education blog presents thoughtful forecasts of Education in 2020. This information is especially useful to facilitate discussions of how education will change over the balance of the decade. Knowledge Works is a non-profit foundation dedicated to accelerating the future of education.

Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) Link

CAEL provides a process through which a student can get transferable college credits for prior experience or online learning. Their subsidiary, Learning Counts is listed under the online learning courses tab.

Classroom Salon: Link

This provides a platform for group discussions and shared annotation of printed and visual media. The classroom discussion goes virtual.


MIT +K12 link.

The Khan Academy and MIT join forces to challenge 10,000 MIT students to tell the world about the experiments via online videos. How do you get young people excited about science and engineering? Have them visit MIT +K12.

Project Gutenberg Link

Project Gutenberg offers over 40,000 free eBooks to download. These are books that are out of copyright and includes many of the classics.


MERLOT, Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching, is a free open web site. The  site contains over 35,000 learning objects many of which are peer reviewed. While the site is designed for educators, parents and students can make good use of the materials as well. Sign up and sign in and check out some of the nifty materials in your area of interest. Learning objects can be linked to things like iBook Author books.

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