EPIC Functional Spec

EPIC Functional Specification


Bill Sams, 5 June 2012, Copyright

 The Evolving Personal Information Construct

 EPIC is designed to optimize the potential of every person who uses it.

EPIC will know everything that you know and understand everything that you need to know to optimize your life. EPIC will connect you with everything and everyone that is important to your success. EPIC will assist you with content knowledge, social and personal relationships as well as health and physical conditioning.

 How will EPIC know you?

EPIC will measure and understand your learning styles, attention span and learning maturational level.

EPIC will understand how you organize information as well as your beliefs and biases.

EPIC will organize and present information to you so that it seamlessly connects to your prior knowledge. You will never be given information that you cannot immediately understand. This just in time information will be optimize for assimilation with a top priority to visual (images, color, movement) and audio (words, sounds, music) followed by the non-genetically optimized written words and numbers.

Personal Knowledge:

One of the primary objectives of EPIC is to optimize your personal well being. Each person will define this in a unique way that can be changed over time. The EPIC dashboard will encourage explicit personal objectives toward which EPIC will support your efforts to attain.

Content Knowledge:

 EPIC will build a core knowledge and skill base that optimizes your analog conversion and processing of digital data. Core skills will include visual and audio acuity as well as a wide range of mathematical and linguistic platforms. There will be a general knowledge base that includes science and the arts. A cultural filter system will allow for biased or unbiased perspectives.

Social Knowledge:

EPIC will monitor your social network by tracking linkages to at least three degrees of separation and will correlate these with your personal objectives. EPIC will monitor the health of connections and recommend actions as well as additions or deletions. EPIC will recognize your optimum level of personal interface and prioritize your time accordingly. EPIC will coordinate with the EPIC systems of all of those in your first degree network to monitor activities, topics of interest and the status of everyone involved. You will never miss a birthday, anniversary or key event.

Emotional Knowledge:

Gained over a lifetime of measurements and observations EPIC will have a comprehensive understanding of your emotional intelligence in terms of your relationships and abilities to work with others. EPIC will identify dysfunctional trends and suggest alternatives. However, as with social knowledge, emotional knowledge is a uniquely human characteristic so a choice to be sub-optimal is always available. Also, based on genetic and nurturing histories EPIC may be limited in what can be done in this area.

Physical Knowledge:

EPIC will monitor the status of the physical body and recommend dietary and physical activities to optimize health. Your diet and physical activities will be coordinated with your personal and social networks to facilitate the enhancement of your relationships. EPIC will oversee drug and food supplement regimens. EPIC is a non-judgemental system that provides facts and recommendations so the option to be a couch potato always exists.

Professional Knowledge:

EPIC will assist you in the identification and optimization of your value creation skills. Such skills will include content, social, and emotional knowledges as well as critical and creative thinking. If you have a high emotional knowledge level then value will also be created through leadership roles.

EPIC will continually evaluate local and world business trends that relate to your value creation skills and will help you make adjustments to your various knowledge bases consistent with the relevant trends. You will always know what you need to know to be successful.

Social Issues:

In the world that exists today there is enough food to feed the world yet hunger exists. There is enough knowledge to educate the world yet ignorance exists. Lives and minds are wasted at enormous rates every day and yet we accept this tragedy because that is the way it has always been.

EPIC offers an alternative that some will find highly uncomfortable because it changes the way we live. Others will argue that a system such as EPIC is immoral in that it is the human struggle for perfection that is the essence of humanity. Some will elect to remain with their traditional sub-optimized systems. Some will not have the opportunity to choose. And some will embrace EPIC as a way to truly be everything that they can possibly be.

But however each individual chooses, those that choose EPIC will have an overwhelming advantage.

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