Learning Counts

Learning Counts

Through the development of a personal portfolio college credits can be awarded for life experiences as well as online courses.

Earn college credit

You have already learned from experience at work, as a community volunteer and leader, in the military, through job training, independent reading, open source courseware study and many hobbies. To earn college credit for what you already know, you only need to demonstrate that the knowledge you have is at the college level. LearningCounts.org helps evaluate the level of your learning through a process called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Show what you have learned.

You can prepare a portfolio by writing about your learning, making a video of yourself performing a task, providing a product of your work, or having a third party verify your knowledge. The documentation-or portfolio-you present is then evaluated by a college faculty member. If what you have submitted is at the same level as what a successful student in a college-level course could produce, a faculty expert will recommend that you be awarded college credit. Enroll now in CAEL 100 to accelerate your degree.

Take a test.

For some subjects you can also take a test to show that you know as much about the topic as someone who passed a traditional college class. Several programs offer nationally recognized examinations that cover many subject areas. Go to these websites to learn more:

You may already have credits.

If you have had training at work or in the military, you could already have college credit. The American Council on Education (ACE CREDIT) evaluates training offered by the military, employers, government agencies, and professional associations to see if it is at the college level. ACE CREDIT also evaluates registered apprenticeships, professional certifications, and exams. If you have had training and ACE CREDIT has evaluated it, you may have college credit and not even know it!


Have questions? See if we can answer them for you in our FAQ.

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